Self Exploration

Person running through a Desert


This is what humans do.

We venture into the unknown to find unexpected places to flourish in.

New boundaries to push and experiences to decipher.

We explore our bodies, our minds, our reason for existence.

We explore science and adventure to new worlds.

We explore culture, lands and the species we cohabit with, the balance with nature and the intrinsic link that every living thing shares.

We've been doing it forever, yet we have only just begun...

Photograph of person looking over the Sani Pass

We are all in this together

Every player will bring a different level of agility, amongst other things.

Meetings will take place with each of our specialists to ensure every individual is supported in their own way leading up to, and during the expedition.

You will receive support and education from some of the best specialists in mental wellbeing, nutrition, physical training, philosophy, environment and sustainability.

Photograph of person looking over the Sani Pass
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