Health and Safety

Person running through a Desert

This initiative, amongst other things, is designed for each of you as individuals.

In our selection process, you will talk to our specialists and have a chance to ask any questions.

“Players” are chosen for each descent based on the team dynamic, not just on agility. This is, in part, is a team sport which means you will need to support each other.

During the run up to each expedition, you will have access to some of the brightest minds in health, nutrition and academia. They are there to help you prepare for the descent, if you so choose.

There is a medical support crew that follows the team on each descent and normally, a 24 / 7 emergency response team, be it helicopter or other means should the impossible happen.

Yes, Final Descents is extreme, but it is your extreme. We would never intentionally put you in harms way. We will give you every means and opportunity to break new boundaries and explore your abilities but, it is always done with a very robust safety net.

We do ask you to take out your own basic travel insurance, sufficient to the descent. This is not an extreme sport event, it is a sporting adventure so do your homework if you need to.

Final Descents has its own insurance, depending on the expedition, but you will need to sign a standard waiver document, just like you do renting a car, a pair of skis, going to an event park or tasting one of the world's hottest chillis.

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